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Lighting Fixture

Save up to 50% on your electricity bills and turn your costs into profit by using MET high bay fittings.

High-intensity discharge (HID) lamps, such as metal halide (HQI) and high-pressure sodium (SON) lamps, have long dominated the market for indoor lighting with high ceilings.These "high-bay" applications are typically found in warehouses,factories, large retail stores and sports facilities. In recent years the improvements in fluorescent lamps (T8, T5 high output lamps) and the emergence of new high-intensity fluorescent fixtures have made fluorescent lighting the most cost-effective choice for lighting indoor areas with high ceilings. High bay fluorescent fittings are more energy-efficient than HID solutions, feature lower lumen depreciation rates and therefore have longer service intervals. Further benefits are instant start-up and restrike, better color rendering (CRI>80) negligible color shift and less shadows.

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